Resistance Heating Wire and Ribbon

We produce hundreds of types of resistance heating wire and ribbon with thousands of specifications under our REOU brand. We produce copper-based low resistance heating alloys (CuNi1-CuNi44), precision resistance alloys (Karma, manganin and constantan), and other quality alloy wires including specialty products. These lines of heating elements are known for their stable physical performance, high surface loading, oxidation resistance and stable temperature coefficient of resistance. Our heating ribbons and wires are widely used in military and aerospace projects, household appliances and many other fields.

    1. Precision Resistance Wire

      This is our selection of precision resistance wires, they are produced in three different alloy wire types:
      A. Karma wire (Ni-Cr-Al-Fe)
      B. Manganin wire
      C. Constantan wire

    1. Pure Nickel Wire

      Pure nickel wire is primarily applied in situations that require cold connections. Nickel wiring is commonly found in the manufacturing of lead-in components of lamps.

    1. PTC Thermistor Alloy Wire

      It is widely used in various heaters. It can automatically control temperature and adjust power by keeping constant current and limiting current.

    1. Stranded Wire

      We produce various types of stranded wires, including NiCr strand wire, CuNi strand wire, Karma strand wire and copper strand wire. These types of cables are often used as heating cables similar to those used for heated seats in cars.

    1. Thermocouple Wire

      The principle behind a thermocouple, due to Seebeck's discovery is a circuit formed using two different kinds of metal conductors joined at the ends. A temperature differential at each end will produce a voltage.

    1. Thermocouple Compensating Lead Wire

      The working temperature of the wire is -25~200℃. Our plant produces a variety of these wires in order to meet your specific needs. They comply with both Chinese and international thermocouple standards.